Calendar one of the most important stuff for us, because in which all we can see holidays of 2020. Therefore every person use this and also we can marked the date who should be important for us. Here we are provide 2020 calendar of January to December. Also we can print our of these printable 2020 calendar and also download it in hd quality of PDF form. Below you can see January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December with federal holidays.

Mostly calendar are used for see which date on holiday, therefore guys below you seen holidays calendar according to country i.e USA, UK, India, Canada, Philippines, Russia and etc.

If you want other 2020 calendar like blank, simple & beautiful and horizontal & vertical or one page calendar, these all are material you get from this platform. Let see the unseen 2020 calendar.

These calendar stuff we are cover:-

  • 2020 Calendar PDF
  • Blank 2020 Calendar
  • Beautiful 2020 Calendar
  • 2020 Calendar with Holidays
  • 2020 Calendar in Horizontal & Vertical
  • One Page 2020 Calendar
  • Cute 2020 Calendar
  • Motivational 2020 Calendar

Free Printable 2020 Calendar PDF Download

In this section which we are provide free printable 2020 calendar in pdf form. If your hobby is collection of calendars, and you can used in daily life. So this is section for you. Because therein you see best hd quality 2020 calendar. From January to December calendar are avail in this section in pdf format. We hope you like this calendar you can download in free. You can collect in one pdf form.

Download Download

Blank 2020 Printable Calendar

Blank Calendar are also very good material, because we can use it via own. We can manage the date by own, therefore people want that type of calendar. If you are blank calendar lover, so this is your section. You can download in hd quality and these all are latest 2020 blank calendar. It is also available in pdf form so use it and enjoy the year.

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Simple & Beautiful 2020 Calendar

If you want simple and beautiful looking 2020 calendar , so this right place for you, because their you can gain beautiful calendar for smartphone and desktop. If you are a calendar lover and want for computer, however, it is available in computer. But this HD wallpaper for mobile and desktop. Download and enjoy the stylish beautiful calendar on display.

2020 Calendar with Holidays (USA, UK, India & Etc)

In this section which you can collect the calendar are country wise we will here give to you USA, UK, India, Philippines, Canada, South Africa, Russia holiday of 2020 calendar available. These all are in free, as you know some site are charged for this but here you can collect in changeless and also download.

2020 Calendar USA Holidays:-

Date Day Holiday Name
01 Jan 2020 Wednesday New Year
20 Jan 2020 Monday Martin Luther King Jr Day
17 Feb 2020 Monday President Day
10 May 2020 Sunday Mother Day
25 May 2020 Monday Memorial Day
21 June 2020 Sunday Father Day
03 July 2020 Friday Independence Day (Lieu)
04 July 2020 Saturday Independence Day
06 July 2020 Monday Independence Day Holiday in lieu
07 Sep 2020 Monday Labor Day
12 Oct 2020 Monday Columbus Day
11 Nov 2020 Wednesday Veterans Day
26 Nov 2020 Thursday Thanksgiving
27 Nov 2020 Friday Day After Thanksgiving
25 Dec 2020 Friday Christmas Day

2020 Calendar Canada Holiday:-

Date Day Holiday Name
01 Jan 2020 Wednesday New Year
17 Feb 2020 Monday Louis Riel Day, Family Day
16 Mar Monday St. Patrick Day
10 Apr Friday Good Friday
13 Apr Monday Easter Monday
20 Apr Monday St. George’s Day
18 May Monday Victoria Day, National Patriots Day
21 Jun Sunday Father Day, National Aboriginal Day
01 Jul Wednesday Canada Day
13 Jul Monday Orangeman’s Day
03 Aug Monday Civic Day, Heritage Day
07 Sep Monday Labour Day
12 Oct Monday Thanksgiving
25 Dec Friday Christmas Day
28 Dec Monday Boxing Day

2020 Calendar India Holidays:-

Date Day Holiday Name
1 Jan 2020 Wednesday New Year
15 Jan 2020 Wednesday Pongal & Sankarnti
26 Jan 2020 Sunday Republic Day
1 Feb 2020 Saturday Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
21 Feb 2020 Friday Maha Shivratri
10 Mar 2020 Tuesday Holi
1 Apr 2020 Wednesday Bank Holiday
2 April 2020 Thursday Ram Navami
6 April 2020 Monday Mahavir Jayanti
14 April 2020 Tuesday Ambedkar Jayanti
24 May 2020 Sunday Eid
31 July 2020 Friday Eid
3 Aug 2020 Monday Raksha Bandhan
11 Aug 2020 Tuesday Janmashtami
15 Aug 2020 Saturday Independence Day
2 Oct 2020 Friday Mahatma Gandhi Birthday
25 Oct 2020 Sunday Vijay Dashami
14 Nov 2020 Saturday Diwali
30 Nov 2020 Monday Guru Nanak Birthday
25 Dec 2020 Friday Christmas Day

2020 Calendar Philippines Holidays:-

Date Day Holiday Name
1 Jan 2020 Wednesday New Year
25 Jan 2020 Saturday Chinese New Year
25 Feb 2020 Tuesday People Power Revolution
16 Mar 2020 Monday Davao City Day
9 Apr 2020 Thursday The Day of Valor
10 Apr 2020 Friday Good Friday
11 Apr 2020 Saturday Black Saturday
1 May 2020 Friday Labor Day
24 May 2020 Sunday Eid
12 June 2020 Friday Independence Day
24 June 2020 Wednesday Manila Day
31 Jul 2020 Friday Eid
21 Aug 2020 Friday Ninoy Aquino Day
31 Aug Monday National Heroes Day
1 Nov 2020 Sunday All Saints Day
30 Nov 2020 Monday Bonifacio Day
8 Dec 2020 Tuesday Immaculate Conception Day
24 Dec 2020 Thursday Christmas Eve
25 Dec 2020 Friday Christmas Day
30 Dec 2020 Wednesday Rizal Day
31 Dec 2020 Thursday New Year Eve

2020 Calendar Russia Holidays:-

Date Day Holiday Name
1 Jan 2020 Wednesday New Year
7 Jan 2020 Monday Orthodox Christmas
4 May 2020 Monday Public Holiday
5 May 2020 Tuesday Day of Spring and Labor
9 May 2020 Saturday Victory Day
11 May 2020 Monday Victory Day in illeu
12 June 2020 Friday Russia Day
4 Nov 2020 Wednesday Day Of Unity

2020 Calendar South Africa Holidays:-

Date Day Holiday Name
1 Jan 2020 Wednesday New Year
21 Mar 2020 Saturday Human Rights Day
10 Apr 2020 Friday Good Friday
13 Apr 2020 Monday Family Day
27 Apr 2020 Monday Freedom Day
1 May 2020 Friday Worker’s Day
16 Jun 2020 Tuesday Youth Day
9 Aug 2020 Sunday National Women’s Day
24 Sep 2020 Thursday Heritage Day
16 Dec 2020 Wednesday Day of Reconciliation
25 Dec 2020 Friday Christmas Day
28 Dec 2020 Monday Day of Godwill

2020 Calendar UK Holidays:-

Date Day Holiday Name
1 Jan 2020 Wednesday New Year
25 Feb 2020 Tuesday Pancake Tuesday
17 Mar 2020 Tuesday St. Patrick Day
10 Apr 2020 Friday Good Friday
13 Apr 2020 Monday Easter Monday
8 May 2020 Friday Early May Bank Holiday
25 May 200 Monday Spring Bank Holiday
13 July 2020 Monday Battle of the Boynce
3 Aug 2020 Monday Summer Bank Holiday
31 Aug 2020 Monday August Bank Holiday
30 Nov 2020 Monday St. Andrew Day
25 Dec 2020 Friday Christmas Day
28 Dec 2020 Monday Boxing Day

2020 Calendar Australia Holidays:-

Date Day Holiday Name
1 Jan 2020 Wednesday Happy New Year
27 Jan 2020 Monday Australia Day
2 Mar 2020 Monday Labor Day
10 Apr 2020 Friday Good Friday
13 Apr 2020 Monday Easter Monday
14 Apr 2020 Tuesday Easter Tuesday
25 Apr 2020 Saturday Anzac Day
4 May 2020 Monday Labour Day
1 Jun 2020 Monday Western Australia Day
25 Dec 2020 Friday Christmas Day

2020 Horizontal & Vertical Calendar Printable

Horizontal and Vertical calendar are also different format, calendar is same but page size is different. Horizontal in which calendar is arrange is one way in horizontal form. While vertical in which nighty degree way to arrange the calendars month. We are share some this type of calendar we hope you love it.

2020 Calendar Printable in one page

Many people may be like one page type of calendar, because it is print on A4 page and easy to manage of the important date. Therefor guys we are here provide this type of calendar. You can download in free this one page 2020 calendar. We hope you like this calendar, you can share with friend and family member.

2020 Cute Calendar Printable

In this section which you see cute 2020 calendar printable in hd quality. You can use this image on as screen save or wallpaper on iphone and android. We hope you like these cute calendar. If you like this please support us and comment below, how you may like it. Next time we will come with more interesting and lovely 2020 calendar.

Motivational 2020 Calendar For Office Wall

We use the calendar in office because our employee can see the important date also marked the important date like holiday or other day. If you find 2020 calendar with motivational message or quotes for office, so this is the place for you, download form these stuff and paste on board. You can print this calendar in your company diary or other stuff.

2020 Designer Calendar For House

As you know calendar are very good decorating stuff for home or house. Every person want calendar for notice particular date, anyway also calendar are very beautiful look on wall. If you want that type of calendar, so don’t worry here you can download in hd quality. You do only one thing print on big page and paste on wall.

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